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Rowena's Picture Gallery


Hi I'm Rowena and these are pictures of my family

This is the only picture of myself I could gather back from high school. I've got the square around me

Wedding day 1986-this is my whole family. Brother in law Freddie, Tatay, Nanay, sister Jenny, sister Marievic, husband Sam, brother in law-Allan,

Brother Frederick, nieces/nephews, and sister Flor (missing youngest brother-Alfredo and oldest brother Florencio in this picture)

Wedding day 1986-with sisters and brothers Jenny and Frederick and friends and relatives

Wedding day 1986 with wedding sponsors, husband Sam and myself

Sam, Kita, Tatay, Nanay, Mom-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law and me. Houston, TX, 1992

White House Gate, Washington, DC 1992 with sister Marievic, daughter Kita, Nanay, Tatay, and myself

Chesapeake River, Maryland, 1992 with sister Marievic, sister Jenny, daughter Kita, Nanay, Tatay and myself

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC with sister Marievic, Nanay and myself 1992

Disney World, Florida 1994 with Tatay, Nanay, Sister Jenny, Brother in-law Stanley, Daughter Kita, niece Samantha and myself

Six Flags, Arlington, TX, with brother-in-law Alan, neice, nephew, brother Florencio, sister-in-law Zeneida, Sam, Kita and me. 1995.


Disney World, Florida, with Tatay, Kita, myself and Jet 1998

Tampa, Florida 1998, with son Jet and myself

Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida 1998 with daughter Kita and son Jet and myself

Universal Studios, Florida with Jet 1998


Graduation 1998, with my inlaws Donald and Barbara Lyle, friends, sister in law Kathy, relatives, daughter Kita, son Jet, Tatay and myself

Best friend in college Elizabeth McDonald and myself graduation from University of Texas at Arlington 1998

Sam, Kita and Jet and myself at Universal Studios, California 2002


Hollywood, Los Angeles, California 2002 with Jet and myself

Disneyland, Los Angeles, California 2002 Sam, Jet, Kita and myself

Santa Catalina Island, California 2002

Brother Florencio, Jet, Sam, Kita and myself Sea world, San Diego, California 2002

Universal Studios, California 2002 with husband Sam, son Jet, daughter Kita and myself

San Juan Capistrano with Charina Pineda (classmate from PUP days in college), Sam, Jet and myself 2002


Japanese Garden, Fort Worth, Texas 2003 with husband-Sam, Je, and myself

In front of our home Dallas Texas with Kita, Jet and myself 2003

Gulf of Mexico, Summer of 2004 with daughter-Kita, husband Sam and son Jet

Kita and Jet 2004

Jet Summer 2004

Kita Graduation from US Army August 2005

Jet and myself -2004

Mark (Kita's friend) with us Columbia, South Carolina August 2005

My whole family, Fort Jackson, Columbia South Carolina, August 2005

My family in the Philippines-Summer 2003

My family with Samantha and Stanley (my sister -Jenny's children)-Charleston, South Carolina August 2005


Same people-plus Ate Jenny

Christmas 2004-Dallas Galleria with Kita's best friend Toni